Kelly was referred to Options by a family member. She was living in her deceased father’s house and going through eviction proceedings. Kelly was frequently in and out of the hospital suffering from various chronic physical and mental illnesses. Options staff members were able to identify additional resources Kelly was eligible for. With the help of her Care Coordinator, ...Kelly now resides in Options housing, has not been hospitalized in over a year, and is working on re-building relationships with her family.
Cliff & Rachael
Cliff and Rachael are Options Care Coordination clients. They came to us during the height of their addiction. They had lost custody of their three children and were placed in separate homeless shelters. Cliff and Rachael made the decision to regain control of their lives. They entered a treatment program and worked hard to maintain their sobriety. Recently, they moved into... permanent housing and are working with the Department of Labor to obtain employment. Cliff and Rachael are now housed, sober, and in the process of regaining custody of their children.
The Jackson Family
The Jackson family lost the home they were renting along with most of their belongings due to a house fire. This forced the family to stay with friends apart from the husband. The husband who is bed bound had to reside in a rehabilitation facility until stable housing was secured. Although they suffered a great loss, they never lost hope. With the help of their Options Care... Coordinator, the Jackson family moved into permanent housing in the spring of 2023. The husband was safely discharged from the rehabilitation center and reunited with his family.
Tom had been living with his grandmother for four years before she passed away. After her death, he became sick and moved into an assisted living facility for almost a year. Following his discharge from the facility, Tom became homeless. He was placed in a motel where his living conditions were poor. Shortly after entering the motel, Tom started receiving case management se...rvices with Options. He needed help managing his many health challenges, including HIV, dialysis, breathing complications, and mobility issues, resulting in frequent emergency room visits. With the help of his Case Manager, Tom was accepted into Options supportive housing subsidy program and moved into his own place for the very first time. Tom is grateful for his placement with Options. He is looking forward to a brighter future where he can focus on his health.
The Smith Family
The Smiths are a loving and resilient family who have endured tremendous adversity over the past few years. They are currently being served through Options Children’s Care Coordination Program. Angela, who is 14 years old and the eldest of the children, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her diagnosis has altered the lives of the entire family. Mom stopped working to become Angela’s primary caretak...er. Although Dad works full-time, he struggles to keep up with all the bills. Recently, Angela was hospitalized for 3 weeks and then spent an additional month in a rehabilitation facility. This placed an even greater financial strain on the family, causing them to fall behind on their rent risking eviction. Options staff sprang into action and were able to locate a potential resource to assist the Smiths with their over-due rent and help keep them in their home.