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Carroll’s Kitchen Donates Meals to Options Residents

Long Islanders helping Long Islanders was the overriding theme of the day as 80 individually packaged meals were delivered to Options for Community Living’s headquarters in Ronkonkoma by Carroll’s Kitchen.

Options has been providing housing and support for Long Islanders recovering from mental illness and other chronic health conditions since 1982.

“We serve more than 2000 people across Long Island,” said Yolanda Robano-Gross, Executive Director. “Our program participants have been hard hit by the Coronavirus just like all Long Islanders. Carroll’s Kitchen is responding to a real need in our community and we are overwhelmed by their generosity. Our staff can’t wait to deliver these meals.”

Chef Ryan Carroll, a native of Sayville, was directly impacted by the closures of New York City restaurants due to the Coronavirus. His vision for Carroll’s Kitchen came when he lost his job, acknowledging that many people in the culinary field were experiencing the same hardships and job loss. Using culinary staff that were laid off or furloughed, Carroll’s Kitchen began operating out of the kitchens of restaurants forced to close during the COVID-19 business shutdown.

Through donated funds and product, Carroll’s Kitchen prepares and donates meals locally to hospitals and organizations in need each day. They also prepare and sell affordable meals to the public. Proceeds and donations are used to purchase new ingredients, put more chefs back to work and prepare more meals to feed Long Island. To learn more, visit their website at