Care Coordination for Adults and Children

Options provides comprehensive care management for Medicaid eligible Long Islanders; adults and children, with multiple chronic illnesses, serious mental illness, or HIV/AIDS.  Services are provided in partnership with area Health Homes. Care coordinators help to improve individual health by arranging:

  • Health care services (doctor visits, therapist, nutritionist, pharmacist and more)
  • Participation in mental health treatment and substance use disorder services
  • School Advocacy, pediatric health and specialty services for children
  • Linkage to community groups and resources including family support services
  • Housing assessment and referral
  • Entitlement activation and maintenance

Care coordination is designed to help Medicaid recipients with high-cost and complex medical conditions to access regular care and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

*Important – Services are also available to individuals who are HIV positive, and do not have Medicaid, or are uninsured or under-insured.

For More Information, Please Call:

(631) 361-9020 Ext. 1135