Mental Health Programs

Housing and support for people with mental illness

Under the auspices of the New York State Office of Mental Health, Options provides a variety of housing opportunities to Nassau and Suffolk County residents who are recovering from mental illness.  More than 100 properties, the majority of which are owned by the agency, provide residents with safe, affordable housing and support services.

Referrals are received through County Single Point of Access, SPA (631) 231-3562.  Based on ability and need for services, placement may be made in one of three types of housing.  When individuals make progress, opportunities for more independent living are explored.  Many Options homes are handicapped accessible.

With supervision, residents develop skills to care for themselves; perform cooking and household chores; and access community resources. As appropriate, residents are linked with training programs and employment opportunities. Options offers pre-vocational training in horticulture, craft design and retail through its own greenhouse and thrift shop.

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